Printing Frequently Asked Questions
General / Company

What is your telephone number and working hours?

You can reach us from 10am IST to 6pm IST is open Monday to Saturday call us at + 91-172-400-3871 or 91-172-503-0680 . You can send an email at any time, which will be responded within 24 hours.

What about privacy and security?

Information that will be shared with us will never be shared or given to any another company or website . Your information will only be used to contact you if necessary. Credit card information will only be used to invoice the products and services.

Our secure shopping cart uses the latest secure server technology (SSI). Your order process is protected via a secure connection to our server and remains secure at all times.

Experts opinion about the order safety on the Internet is that “it is safer than giving your information over the phone or in stores”. Liability policy insures  your Zero liability in the case of fraudulent use of the cards.

What is the Taskbiz Associate Program?

The Taskbiz Portal encourages enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who can promote products and earn commissions while doing this. The program helps to earn money and present your website visitors to the quality printing services offered by Taskbiz. We compensates the Associates commission for any initial and recurring orders within 60 days first click of the visitor and places order to taskbiz.com. Taskbiz Associates receive monthly commission payments and access to tools that gives help to optimize and Associates effectiveness and profits.

Products / Ordering

Can 2-color printing be ordered ?

We recommend that you get the best value for your money and go to the full 4 color, instead of 2 color!

However, you can order 2 colour printing (excluding postcards, business cards, presentation folders, catalogs and calendars). Simply place your order as usual, then enter in the comments that this is a two-color job and what colors you have chosen. (Two-color postcards, business cards, presentation folders, catalogs and calendars with spot colors) you can request a print quote online.

Can you print jobs that are different from the standard formats mentioned on the site ?

Yes. Mail us or call us to obtain a quote for any job that does not fit our standard formats.

Do you charge extra for bleeds ?

No. all our prices include full bleed for free. Discover our design notes page for an explanation of the bleeds.

What kind of paper will be used to print my job ?

Several paper types are available, depending on your order.The individual pricing pages shows the available options / choices.

How close my job will match to what am seeing on screen / monitor?

Clients are astonished  how close their work matches to what they see on monitor/screen. But because of the large differences in monitor calibration and the different technologies used,  printed colors may not exactly match the colors on the specific monitor screen. Please read our RGB – CMYK information  for important information on the results that you want. our
Technical information page carries additional information and pictorial explanations.

Will my job match to the sample print on my printer or my previous printed job ?

At Taskbiz we print using “pleasing color” standards, with standard color densities. Therefore, there is no guarantee that your job is going to match your printed sample. This is partly due to the varying results of different output devices printers like inkjet or laser. Also from a commercial printing company to another, it may be significant differences in the results. In particular, inkjet and laser prints are going to look different than true offset printing.

If you need accurate color matching, please contact us to arrange for a digital color proofs, which are charged in accordance with the job.

Once you approve the fees (from Rs. 1000 onwards) will be charged and we will produce and send a hard copy via courier / speedpost. If you approve the proof, we will strive to give resultant job to match your sample.

There are significant additional costs for precise color matching service. Also, if you require color correction or other changes after you see your proof,at least Rs 1000 will be charged for color correction and a new proof will be sent for approval.
Conclusion: the final product is unlikely to match the print of your printers it will look professionally better but different.

Are there discounts for reprinted jobs?

Yes, exact reprints  in accordance with the job carries discounts.Also there are standard discount for reorders. But remember. It is much cheaper, for a few extra print for the first time. To  reprint  simply go to the pricing and ordering page for the product you require, and enter the quantity and other specifications as usual. In the “My File Transfer Method section”, select  and enter the number of the job you want Reprinted. Enter your billing and shipping information, and we are going to email for approval immediately! (This ensures the job you want.)

How can I place an order if my graphic designer uploads my files separately?

While placing your order you select the option “file transfer via email” and ask you designer to send us the file separately or upload it using the order number of your job we will send you email of proof to confirm.

Your designer must mention order number and along with the files uploaded from our Files Upload or email.Files uploaded or emailed without your order number may not be matched to your order.

How long does it take to send proof of the job?

Once you have placed your order, you should get it delivered via Speed Post / Courier/ within 1-3 business days after we receive your electronic files.

How long does it take after confirmation of order?

Most orders are shipped within 3-7 business days after you approve your online proof. Please check the specific product order page for available maturities. Shipping by our logistics partner takes 2-15 business days to get to you depending on your location.

How do I place my order even faster?

Our standard service is quite fast. For most products, we ship your order within 3-7 days after you approve your proof online, by our logistics partner. In most parts of the country,your order is delivered  within 2-15 days If you want to get your order faster (by air), then you can choose your specific logistics when you place your order or you can use courier services(Expensive).

Shipping Services

Our online shipping rates within the country are economical. For North East and West Bengal and Kashmir order prefer with Air Service for faster delivery. We are also happy to ship anywhere in the world. Please enter the exact delivery address , along with the quantity and type of product you wish to order, and we will let you know   the additional shipping charges. Please note that some services are not available for all countries.

Where can I see Ship / delivery details?

We primarily use standard ground shipping. You can see Transit information by entering details of the specific sites of logistics partners or contact us for help.

I'll always get exactly the amount I order?

Most of the time, we will send you ordered  more than the order, for free. Occasionally we might send  little less pieces than you ordered. Printing industry trade standards allow variation of up to 5%. If you plan  a guaranteed quantity, we recommend that you add 5% above the minimum that you need to get.

What if I change the order job after approving the proof?

We need proper instructions for any changes after the initial order. You can make changes to such things as quantity, delivery, or delivery address by the change order request. Please Note that some changes can not be made at specific stages in the production process  – for example, quantity can not be amended once the  your job is printed.

How do I view my proof?

Enter your order number in the Status on the top of each page of our website and click GO! Button. If your order is the proofing stage, the stage will show link of the approval page.

Mailing Services

For any mailing queries please contact +91-172-400-3871 , +91-172-503-0680 or email us.

File Preparation

Can I send documents created in MS Word or PowerPoint?

In any case! If you create documents in Word or PowerPoint, which contain images, clip art, or other color images, send it to us and we will be mailing you back with professional appearance.

What file formats can you acept?

We can use any Mac or PC version of Quark, PageMaker, InDesign, CorelDRAW!, Illustrator, Photoshop, Freehand, Publisher, Word, PowerPoint, PDF or If you have other file formats, we may be able to treat them too.

What kinds of storage media do you accept?

We can take your files on a CD, DVD or USB flash drive or memory card.

How can I know what will look a specific CMYK color combination?

To deal with CMYK screen to acquire a color coding system with over 3,000 process colors percentages, please visit Amazon or other sites selling color management books.

If I'm sending a Publisher file, should I compress it with "Pack and Go," or should I just send the normal *.pub file?

We can work with any type, we prefer to maintain the normal, uncompressed file. Please do not use Publisher “Pack & Go” function.
If you send Publisher files with linked images (not recommended in Publisher in general), please collect all its files in a single ZIP file and send it to us. Compress files using any zip program (or StuffIt on the Mac) is also the preferred method for Quark, PageMaker, Illustrator, InDesign, or any file with linked graphics. If a font is not included in the file with Publisher, please send it along with your Publisher file. You can either zip them together, or the font can be uploaded as an additional file (or on CD / DVD / memory card/ Pen drive or e-mail.). In Corel Draw send the fonts “converted to curves” in the file.

How do I check for proper imposition of front or back?

“Imposition” on how the front of a printed piece is job oriented backwards. In case of a brochure that you would normally turn over right to the left to read the back of the right (as you turn the pages of a book) – not upside down. Seems simple, until you are printing a postcard where one side is placed in landscape (horizontal), and the other side in portrait (vertical) orientation. We use our best judgement at a job so that it appears in the most natural way or normal. Some designs, however have both portrait and landscape elements, so it is difficult on judge. When reviewing your proof online, we will always publish the front and back in the direction that you want to print in relation to each other. So if page2 seems upside down,printed on the back of Page1. (Some people want it this way), the recipient of the piece must print out a copy of online proof, and fasten the two sides together to form a “mock up” or create “dummy.” This is especially important when a job will be folded.Judge it to correct any mismatch by contacting us.

How much bleed should I have for an envelope?

1/16 of an inch is the correct amount, to wrap a little back of the envelope.

Do I need to impose my business cards 8-up or 10-up if they will be printed more than 1 to a sheet?

No, please send us a single peice of your work unimposed, we will treat any imposition if necessary.

How should I take pictures with my digital camera?

The images to be print from digital cameras are expected to be darker on the printing press. A Brightness option in your image editing program will hepl in this. If you get the opportunity to change the color space of RGB (red, green, blue) on the press CMYK colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), then do so! Remember, not all the colors on monitor (RGB) can be created on the press. If you do not have this ability with the software, do not worry about it, we will change it for you, for free! Thus, the picture will do better on the press.

How can I tell what resolution the image from my digital camera is?

We recommend that images with 300 dpi in final size in the layout and 400dpi if the images includes text. Please note that the resolution and the dimensions are directly proportional to each other. If you have a picture that is 2 × 2 have at 300 dpi and increase its size in the layout to 4 × 4, the new resolution is now 150dpi. So remember, if you bring a picture in the layout down in size shrinking or down sizing will help increase resolution. Discover our Resolution page for more information on image resolution.

Where can I get more information on file and image resolution?

Our resolution page has to is a comprehensive explanation of the resolution and printable file formats & on how to properly prepare images.

Do you have templates to help me correctly design my project?

Yes.Templates are available on most of the product. Our design templates has a list of templates. Look for more being uploaded every day.

How should I lay out a piece to comply with INDIA post mailing regulations? Do you have postcard and brochure templates?

Please read our postcard and brochure mailing requirements on their template page. Also call us for more information.

Where can I get more information on file preparation?

Our technical help is always available to assist you during business hours. You can reach us by e-mail and phone at info@taskbiz.com reached at + 91-172-400-3871 / + 91-172-503-0680.

File Transfer

What types of storage media do you accept?

We can take your files on a CD, DVD or flash drive.Where to send it.

How long will it take to upload my files?

It will vary depending upon your file size, the speed of your Internet connection and the volume of Internet traffic at the time you send it .

Why can't I see my graphics file in the file upload utility?

You need to change the “Files of Type” dialog box away from the default of “HTML FILES” to “All Files (*.*)”. The dialog box will then display all file types. We apologize for this inconvenience. It is an annoying feature of some older browsers.

How do I place an order and have my graphic designer upload my files separately?

Use the ordering pages and select the ” I will be having someone else upload my files”. Give your designer your order number and have them upload the files from our File Upload page or he can email us. Do not have them upload the files without your order number, or we may not be able to match them with your order. Detailed Instructions for you and the person uploading the files.

Customer Information

How do you handle taxes?

The prices given are including of all taxes.However local Octroi/Entry Tax need to be paid at the time of delivery.

Inward and Outward Forms

A few states have a limitation to the amount of bill which can be shipped to them without inward forms(usually for values above Rs. 10,000) for shipment above the specific value (Checklist).For further details contact us.

Why can't I ship via ground?

Because we are a major shipper and receive special pricing, it is actually cheaper, not to mention faster, to ship. We are always working to provide the best value to our customers.

Do you have to work with resellers?

Absolutely. We have associate programs and tools to help you serve your clients. We build relationships with our associates and are happy to provide a consultation. call us at +91-172-400-3871 , +91-172-503-0680 and one of our experts will answer all your queries.